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Welcome to the Mt. Cardigan Snowmobile Club

   Edited 1/5/2017

   Well todayit is the 5th day of January and Mother Nature at this time has not made up her mind as to it is going to be fall or winter.  With the rain the last couple of days and the warmer temps it has put a damper on our efforts to keep groomer operations happening.  Riding at most has been good to fair with early conditions so far this year.  Hope for snow and we will get right back at grooming again.  If you are looking to sign up for the state trail report here is the link  

  With that being said we have a new sponsor this year that is making great headlines.  Pleasant Valley Store in Canaan which is under new management has graciously agreed to sell our club memberships along with registrations this year.  There will be a bigger add going up on the website to remind everyone.  Please support the companies that help support us.  It goes a long ways in the trial system we all ride on. 

   I just want to touch upon one thing for a moment.  Over the course of the last week on other clubs social media sight I have seen a lot of negative comments to do with how clubs are or are not grooming.  There is a lot more that goes into this more than just hoping in the machine and going.  First off it all has to do with how much snow we are given to work with.  I know that we went out last Friday thinking that the eight inches we got was going to allow us to fillin everything and it wasnt even close as the ground has not frozen yet and water bars are still running.  So please understand there isnt a club out ther that does not work for the trails for the riding conditions as most of us groomer operators ride as well.  Bu there are always sytems beyond our control that may or may not limit what we can do.  We appreciate everyones interest in joining the club and will do whatever we can to make everyones experience great!



Mt. Cardigan Snowmobile Club meets the third Friday of the month at 7:30PM at the Fish and Game clubhouse on Ballpark Rd from October through April. We also have work Sunday’s that happen from about the middle of August until November to get the trails ready for another great season. We meet on Sunday’s at 7:45 at the groomers shed right on 118. Learn about more events in our club news & event calendar section.

More events in our club news.


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Mt. Cardigan Snowmobile Club Mt. Cardigan Snowmobile Club
           P.O. Box 203 Canaan, NH 03741

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